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When your septic tank is backing up or your toilet and sink won’t go down, Maverick Pumping Service is ready to deliver a prompt, results-driven solution. Based in Wautoma and Waupaca, WI, our company continues to serve the sanitation needs of both homeowners and businesses throughout Central Wisconsin.

If you need a drain cleaning, riser install, filter cleaning, or tank pumping, get started with us today.

Our Services

At Maverick Pumping Service, we utilize the latest drain cleaning equipment and video technology to help locate and identify problem sources. With our experienced team, we’ll work to clear the blockage in your line and help you find the source of your slow drain issue. Once a determination has been made, we’ll look for ways to help you eliminate potential problems in the future.

Drain Cleaning

Is your sink draining slowly, do you have a plugged toilet, or has that sewer lateral backed up again? Call Maverick Pumping Service to take care of those pesky drain issues.

To better serve our sanitation customers, we use a wide variety of drain cleaning equipment from Spartan, Ridgid®, and General to help tackle most residential and small business sewer lateral problems.

Filter Cleaning

A septic system’s effluent filter is designed to prevent solids in your septic tank from exiting into your leach field (drain field). Properly working effluent filters will require maintenance from time to time as they become clogged with debris from the septic system. For a small fee, we will gladly clean your effluent filter at routine service intervals to help maintain the function of your septic system. Please call us about this service.

Riser Installs

Riser installs make it easier to access, pump, and maintain your septic system. When risers are installed, it eliminates the additional cost of having to pay the service technician to dig out the septic cover each time the system needs to be pumped or inspected. If you’ve finally reached that point where digging isn’t as much fun as it used to be, give Maverick Pumping Service a call. We can discuss the cost and available options to bring that cover up for you!
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